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The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 18 June 2020

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 18 June 2020

Almost every competitive exams has English section, that tests the skill of candidates in English language. Therefore candidates have to perform in this section with their best. So it is most important for the students to improve their writing as well as verbal skills. An important part of this process is working on your English vocabulary.

For improvement of vocabulary we are providing here most important The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 18 June 2020.

  1. disorder (noun) –
    unrest, disturbance, turmoil, chaos, mayhem.
  2. face-off (noun) – 
    clash, conflict, confrontation, skirmish.
  3. disengagement (noun) – 
    withdrawal, departure, retreat (of military troops).
  4. Line of Actual Control (LAC) (noun) – 
    the de-facto (effective) border between India and China.
  5. casualty (noun) – 
    victim, fatality, mortality. 
  6. uncharted (adjective) – 
    unexplored, unknown, unfamiliar, strange.
  7. uncharted territory (phrase) –
    unknown area.
  8. brutality (noun) – 
    cruelty, wickedness, harshness, savagery.
  9. incur (verb) – 
    suffer, sustain, experience, bring upon oneself.
  10. unheard (adjective) –
    unfamiliar, unknown.
  11. thus far (phrase) –
    until then, up to that point.
  12. disengage (verb) –
    withdraw, pull out/pull back, step back (military troops).
  13. de-escalate (verb) – 
    diminish, lessen/decrease, dwindle (the intensity of a conflict).
  14. stand-off (noun) – 
    deadlock, stalemate, impasse (in a dispute/conflict).
  15. sovereignty (noun) –
    authority, control, influence, sway.
  16. unlikely (adjective) –
    not likely, improbable, questionable.
  17. pull back (phrasal verb) – 
    withdraw, retreat, disengage.
  18. hitherto (adverb) – 
    previously, earlier, so far/thus far, until now.
  19. non-contentious (adjective) –
    non-disputed, non-controversial, non-contended.
  20. countenance (verb) – 
    tolerate, permit, agree, admit (as acceptable).
  21. call on (phrasal verb) – 
    appeal to, demand/ask, request.
  22. premeditated (adjective) – 
    intentional, deliberate, pre-planned.
  23. entrench (verb) –
    settle, establish, embed, install.
  24. pass (noun) – 
    a navigable (passable) route (road/passage) through a mountain range.
  25. harden (verb) – 
    solidify, strengthen, reinforce; toughen.
  26. befitting (adjective) –
    fitting, appropriate, suitable.
  27. in vain (phrase) –
    without success, with no result, futile, useless.
  28. extract/exact revenge (phrase) –
    to inflict punishment upon someone who has harmed you.
  29. apprise (verb) – 
    inform, notify, tell, update.
  30. put an end to (phrase) – 
    eliminate, stop, block.
  31. put out (phrasal verb) – 
    publish, release, publicize/circulate.
  32. accountability (noun) – 
    responsibility, liability, answerability.
  33. enforce (verb) –
    force, compel, demand, insist on.
  34. reaffirm (verb) – 
    assert, state, assure again strongly.
  35. means (noun) – 
    way, method, procedure.
  36. acknowledge (verb) –
    admit, accept, recognize, realize.
  37. precarious (adjective) – 
    uncertain/unsure, insecure, dangerous/risky.
  38. undo (verb) –
    defeat, foil, ruin, make a mess of, cripple, impair.
  39. painstakingly (adverb) – 
    with great care & thoroughness.
  40. status quo ante (phrase) – 
    a Latin phrase meaning “the  state of affairs existing before” (or) “the way things were before”.
  41. reparations (noun) –
    compensation paid after a war by the defeated country for the damage.
  42. abide by (verb) – 
    conform to, adhere to, comply with.



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